Side Charge

AR 15 Upgrades

These are our specialism, perfectly engineered for seamless operation, whether this be a AR15 or AR10 derivative. Installed either on a new rifle or as a custom fit later on. There isn’t anyone else who builds these rifles that have done as many as us.


AUG Upgrades
The UK spec AUGs arrived in December 2007 after much anticipation. Although they are left hand cocking (which wouldn’t be very easy on an AR type rifle) the balance of the bullpup makes it quite easy to operate. The size of the charging handle – and the closeness to the picatinny rail – will eventually catch the unwary AUG user out though, usually ending in blood and pain. Within days of receiving the rifles several had been modified with an extended, drop down, charging handle making operation much easier. Further mods include re-instating the removable barrel feature and fitting flash hiders. Future modifications are planned for the trigger and a full right hand cocking conversion.

AK Upgrades
The UK spec AK’s are cheap and reliable – but not particularly user friendly. The cocking handle is a long way forward of the pistol grip making rapid fire quite tricky. To add insult to injury, you also have cases bouncing off your hand while working the action. If you’re really unlucky one of those cases will get knocked back into the chamber, jamming the rifle. These problems are solved with our charging handle modification. Using a similar handle to our AR type, the cocking handle is moved back near the firing hand making operating the action much faster. All in all, an essential modification! Don’t take our word, see what Pete Moore said in his Shooting Sports magazine article.