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Bradley Arms likes nothing better than being on the range and shooting in competitive matches. We like to practice what we preach and feel everyone should partake in healthy competition. Not only is it enormous fun, but also proves that you should also back up your products and results go a long way towards achieving this, besides I feel that in our field we have an enviable reputation when it comes to winning trophies.

Today was the last day of the NRA McQueens sniping competition at Bisley, and determined not to let only my friends and cherished customers have all the fun I headed off to shoot a few rounds of this fantastically fun competition……and eventually shot the highest score in G Class (SO CSR rules) and take the win and be crowned champion for 2017

The target is a PC version of the Fig14 and is shot from 300yds.

ES is 5″ which equates to 1.66 MOA, not bad for a mag rested .223 🙂

We encourage everyone to shoot in competition and remember, what you buy from Bradley Arms has a proven track record unmatched by our rivals

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