We can supply and fit barrels for pretty much anything, to fit with pretty much any budget! Barrels can be made in any (legal!) length required up to 32″. Over years of shooting we’ve settled on a number of different barrel manufacturers that supply barrel blanks of consistently high quality. These include Krieger, PacNor, Border, Archer, Douglas, and Gary Schneider.

All our barrels are machined, chambered and finished by ourselves in-house. We also offer a barrel re-profiling and re-chambering service to get the most out of your existing barrels. We have re-profiled a large number of heavy AR15 barrels into more standard H-Bar, or lighter, profiles for practical and service rifle shooters. We have also shortened and rechambered large number of barrels – most usually AR15 types which are then used in 18″ SPR, 16″ Carbines, or 14.5″ M4 conversions.