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They may not look like much, but this is a full set of CiP spec headspace and chamber gauges for .223. They took 4 months to arrive and cost just over €1200!!! for the set, but they will be worth it and will ensure all our rifles conform to the current proofing standards.

Precision engineering to ensure that all rifles that leaving our workshop are within required tolerances to deliver accuracy, repeat-ability and most of all that they are safely proofed.

If you shop do around, don’t forget to ask our competition if they take the this responsibility to the same level of accuracy ?




Lothar Barrels

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Getting ready today for a machining session on the CNC, these barrel blanks from Lothar Walther will soon have the breech ends machined before profiling and chambering into barrels for our highly desirable and world class BAR-22 rimfire rifles.

Fresh off the CNC and ready for final profiling, this batch of BAR-22 barrels will be in the lathe this week and hopefully start being delivered to customers shortly.

Bolt Guns

Remington 700

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Both rifles chambered with new reamers and gauges from BBT.
A couple of Remington 700’s in 6.5 Creedmoor.

Both rifles have been rebarrelled from their original calibre of .243 and .308 with 24″ 1:8 twist med Palma blanks from Sassen Eng.

The receiver threads were recut oversize, lugs and faces trued up and bolt face squared, all lug faces lapped and reassembled with new oversize recoil lugs from Tier One.

The Stainless barrel and action were bead blasted in house then fitted into a MDT chassis and suppressor machined to clear the fore-end.

The second rifle received exactly the same treatment, only finished in Armor Black Cerakote before fitting into a AICS stock.

Initial accuracy reports from the customers have been highly positive.


Geissele Automatics

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Here at Bradley Arms we are very happy to announce that this week I have been appointed the UKs sole “Official Importer and distributor” for all Geissele Automatics and ALG Defense parts and accessories for all UK commercial sales.

This means that all their vast range of triggers, handguards, scope mounts, buffer tube assys, LPKs, lubes, brakes, tools and everything else will be available in regular quantities in the UK, and at reasonable ungouged prices.

Geissele Automatics and ALG Defense have long been recognised as the best in the business when it comes to their products and their customer relations ethos is second to none, and I feel very privileged to have been chosen to head up the UK end for distribution and sales of their products.

Moving forward, you can rest assured that in future all Bradley Arms BAR 15 rifles will be built using the finest parts from these fine companies.
This is something I’ve been after for a long time, and Bill Geissele has been kind enough and recognised that more Geissele products, especially triggers, have been supplied, fitted and serviced by Bradley Arms than anyone else in the UK.

I have also been appointed their Warranty and Repair agent, so if you do break something of theirs, rest assured you will get the full satisfaction of the back up we can provide
Later this year I will be going to North Wales, Pennsylvania for full factory training and certification
Happy days ahead.


BAR 22

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This BAR 22 is hot off the press today, The first of the current run of BAR22s.
It’s a 12″ (actually 305mm) that mimics the 10.5″ Commando length 5.56 CQB rifles. This is achievable as the breech face is set back into the upper allowing a shorter OAL, which in this case measures 27 1/4″.

The barrel is a first, it’s a Sassen Eng 1:16″ buttoned affair in a med weight profile with integral feed ramp, and chambered in .22 Bentz with a reamer from PTG. The conversion kit is one of the stainless CMMG units, handguard a Samson STAR-C. Magpul MOE stock and grip and Triggertech drop in trigger unit. The trigger is extremely fast.

The customer wanted an Aimpoint, so I’ve done him a deal on my M4S and ADM QR mount.