Whats the difference between an ‘Ok’ rifle, and a ‘Great’ rifle? Assuming the ammunition is constant, then all it can be is the barrel, the action, or the stock. People replace barrels & stocks, but what about the action? Blueprinting is the solution! If you take a standard Remington 700 rifle that was built on a production line and measure it, you’ll find it’s different from any other Remington 700 action. The faces won’t be completely square, the boltway won’t be quite true. All these small dimensional differences add up to make the rifle perform worse than it could. Blueprinting is the process of truing up the action – so all the important dimensions are true to the blueprint (obvious really!). Normally, blueprinting would be done at the same time as an upgrade package to get the best out of the whole rifle. But, as a minimum the action itself is trued and the existing barrel is trued and rechambered. For the ultimate package, blueprinting can be combined with a new bolt that is exactly matched to the action.