BAR-15 Custom

This lovely package is for a chap called Stan.

He wanted something to use both on his home range as well as take it out with the rest of his club members and enjoy some quality range time and (we hope) partake in a few rounds of CSR.

It has a 18″ Med weight .223 barrel chambered with our modified .223 Wylde reamer to CiP specs, and is supplied with a Magpul UBR stock and MOE grip, a Samson Evolution fore-end and Tier-One Tac Brake and Spartan suppressor.

As well as this it is fitted with a Harris 6-9″ bipod and for indoor practice, is complemented with a CMMG .22lr conversion kit.

To see what’s going on and keep it within budget, it has been fitted with a Leupold Mark AR 4-12×40 scope and Vortex mount.

If you’d like to be like Stan too then pick up the phone, Bradley Arms are standing by waiting to take your order.

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