BAR 22

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This BAR-22 was finished off today.
It’s the first of the new batch currently being built.
I am calling it the Model 305M as the barrel is 305mm from breech face to muzzle face, which effectively gives it the look of a 10.2″ barrel, more or less the same as the MK18 CQBR, the M denoting it had a mid length handguard. OAL as pictured is 26 1/4″ or 665mm.

The barrel is a Lothar Walter in Special Rifle Steel with integral feed ramp and chambered in .22 Bentz.
Internals are from CMMG and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

There should be another along tomorrow.

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Remington 700 Update

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A little update on the two 6.5 Creedmoors from last week, I have just been sent this test target by one of the customers. 4 shots through one hole, and the one above (behind the tape) has 16 shots through it.

Nice work Al



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This is something I built some time back to commemorate the 250th Bradley Arms marked rifle.

It’s a replica of the original CAR-15/XM177

With a 12″ barrel in original “pencil” profile and fitted with an authentic .625″ FSB and Nodak Spud A1 upper receiver. I made the flash hider as close to the original spec as I could find and modified an original CAR style stock and buffer tube.

To complement all this, it comes with 2×20 and 2x 30rd USGI mags and for semi-auto fun to finish it off, a CMMG .22 conversion unit and magazines.

Very happy with the build….might even get around to building another some time.


Lothar Barrels

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Getting ready today for a machining session on the CNC, these barrel blanks from Lothar Walther will soon have the breech ends machined before profiling and chambering into barrels for our highly desirable and world class BAR-22 rimfire rifles.

Fresh off the CNC and ready for final profiling, this batch of BAR-22 barrels will be in the lathe this week and hopefully start being delivered to customers shortly.