BAR 22

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This BAR 22 is hot off the press today, The first of the current run of BAR22s.
It’s a 12″ (actually 305mm) that mimics the 10.5″ Commando length 5.56 CQB rifles. This is achievable as the breech face is set back into the upper allowing a shorter OAL, which in this case measures 27 1/4″.

The barrel is a first, it’s a Sassen Eng 1:16″ buttoned affair in a med weight profile with integral feed ramp, and chambered in .22 Bentz with a reamer from PTG. The conversion kit is one of the stainless CMMG units, handguard a Samson STAR-C. Magpul MOE stock and grip and Triggertech drop in trigger unit. The trigger is extremely fast.

The customer wanted an Aimpoint, so I’ve done him a deal on my M4S and ADM QR mount.