Bradley Arms is owned and operated by Mark Bradley. A shooter since childhood, starting with his trusty Chinese .177 air rifle on lizard hunts in the Middle East where he spent his early years. Eventually he progressed onto firearms at about the same time as the Dunblane tragedy. Not deterred by the adverse publicity, he swapped pistols for rifles and entered into the rifle shooting sports. After a period of learning, he became somewhat adept at hitting the target in the right place!

During all this, Mark served an apprenticeship as a Toolmaker but eventually moved on to other corners of the engineering sector.

It was a culmination of a need to tinker that turned his attention to gunsmithing, and he has been on many trips to the US learning from some of the best respected gunsmiths today.

Eventually, after pressure from colleagues, he finally applied for his own RFD and hasn’t looked back since.

Here at Bradley Arms we specialise in AR15, Remington and other custom rifles. The list is too long for the firearms that pass through our workshops. This site represents just a small selection of the work we do and firearms worked on.

We unconditionally guarantee all workmanship in our products, ask the competition if they do the same ?

Take a look at our posts for a selection of work we’ve just undertaken. We’ll try to post at least once a month, however this is time permitting. Customers and their rifles come before posts…

Visit us frequently for more updates and please feel free to comment on our work via the site.

Another first in the industry brought to you by Bradley Arms !

Reach out and make contact to find out more …